Dear Friends,

After six months of performing in costume, we were thirsty to be ourselves, and to find a space that sounded as different from the dead acoustics of the theatre as possible. We stumbled upon the old Collins axe factory in Collinsville, CT, an island of old Americana in a vast ocean of suburbia. The walls and ceilings were coated in a thick veneer of sawdust. The first two days were spent sweeping and coughing. On day three, the acoustics of the room revealed themselves when a hand-clap sustained for five seconds. We found our space.

Over eight months of writing and recording in the axe factory, mixed with our first tour of the great American west, we found our inspiration. Blooming Through The Black comes from the desire to find rebirth amongst pain and death. Over the three years since our first record, we’ve gone through countless struggles and triumphs and we’ve learned to work through them together. We’ve learned to write from a collective conscience and to express ourselves in new contexts. Like the first flower emerging from the ashes of a fire, the songs began to grow.

We called upon Sam Kassirer, our trusted ally, to help us turn a grove of trees into a thick forest. The end result is a collection of ten songs that we see as our best work yet. They range from personal to abstract, inspired by characters unborn and animals destroyed. They are about accepting the inevitable and finding the beauty that lies beneath the surface. 

Blooming Through The Black is out September 9th!



PS. See you out there on the road!


New Album, Canoe Adventures, Hats, and More

New Album From an Old Factory

This spring we set up our gear in a disused axe factory in Collinsville, CT, and spent the next six months letting its natural reverb wash over us, inspiring new songs and sounds. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just finished recording a new full-length album there. Can’t wait to share it with you early next year!

5 Men in A Canoe (To Say Nothing of the Accordion)

In October we headed up to Katahdin Woods & Waters in northern Maine for a songwriting retreat organized by Sustain Music & Nature, a nonprofit organization co-founded by our bassist Whale Goodale. We enjoyed a week off the grid in beautiful wilderness, and came back with a new song. (And a music video shot in a canoe... details soon.)

Keep Warm with One of Our New Toques, Eh?

For all of you non-Canadians, a toque (rhymes with Luke) is an extremely comfy, warm knit winter hat. Available now online and at shows.

Winter Shows

We’re bringing our music all sorts of cool places in the next few months, including a special holiday show in Farmington, CT featuring our favorite Xmas songs. Hope we see you soon!

October: Headed to Katahdin

After a wonderfully hot summer, we are relieved October has rolled around.  September was a very exciting month for us recording a new album in the axe factory in Collinsville, CT and up in Parsonsfield, ME.  We have a few more days in the studio and cannot wait to share our new tunes with you early next year!  This month alongside touring around the northeast, Whale's new non profit, Sustain, is sending us on a songwriting retreat called a "Songscape" in Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area way up in Maine.  Through hiking, canoeing, and getting in touch with our beautiful surroundings, we will be writing a new song based on our experiences there.  For more information on Sustain and Songscapes, check out the link below.


Parsonsfield (Max, Chris, Whale, Erik, & 'To)

September: Back in the studio.

Happy September! We have had a wonderful summer and hope you have too.  It has been a blast playing for people both old and new all over the US and Canada, and when we were off the road we were spending our time writing new songs in an abandoned axe factory.  Our time there has inspired new approaches and sounds for our band, and we are about to head into the studio this month to record them on a NEW ALBUM! We will be working with our faithful producer, Sam Kassirer once again up in Parsonsfield, ME and will bring him down to the axe factory in Collinsville, CT.  We can't wait to share these new tunes with you, and maybe we'll give you a little sneak peek at an upcoming show.


Parsonsfield (Chris, Max, 'To, Whale, and Erik)

Back on the Road for June

About to hit the road for the month of June! See you out there!! Tickets and info at

5/31 - Coventry, CT - Coventry Farmers Market
6/2 - Bloomington, IL - The Castle Theatre *
6/3 - Ferndale, MI - The Magic Bag *
6/4 - Hamilton, ON - The Casbah
6/5 - Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
6/6 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground #
6/11 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge #
6/12 - Holyoke, MA - Gateway City Arts #
6/13 - Hudson, NY - Club Helsinki ^
6/18 & 6/19 - Cross Fork, PA - Smoked Country Jam

* - Opening For Lake Street Dive
# - w/ And The Kids
^ - The Sea The Sea opens

Happy New Year!

We've had an awesome year. Thanks to all our fans, friends and family for your support. Without you we wouldn't be where we are today. We raise a glass and toast to one of the best years ever. If you're seeing this, you're the reason it was so great. Cheers!