New Album, Canoe Adventures, Hats, and More

New Album From an Old Factory

This spring we set up our gear in a disused axe factory in Collinsville, CT, and spent the next six months letting its natural reverb wash over us, inspiring new songs and sounds. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just finished recording a new full-length album there. Can’t wait to share it with you early next year!

5 Men in A Canoe (To Say Nothing of the Accordion)

In October we headed up to Katahdin Woods & Waters in northern Maine for a songwriting retreat organized by Sustain Music & Nature, a nonprofit organization co-founded by our bassist Whale Goodale. We enjoyed a week off the grid in beautiful wilderness, and came back with a new song. (And a music video shot in a canoe... details soon.)

Keep Warm with One of Our New Toques, Eh?

For all of you non-Canadians, a toque (rhymes with Luke) is an extremely comfy, warm knit winter hat. Available now online and at shows.

Winter Shows

We’re bringing our music all sorts of cool places in the next few months, including a special holiday show in Farmington, CT featuring our favorite Xmas songs. Hope we see you soon!